how to create a sales invoice in excel

In the screencast below, I’m going to walk you through using an Excel template to create an attractive invoice quickly. We’ll use a template from Envato Elements to create an invoice in Excel, and then save it as a PDF for delivery to clients. Excel also makes it easy to keep track of all your invoices.

If you insert a row below the last item in the list, then the subtotal won’t be updated correctly (you’d need to manually modify the formula). The recommended way to send this invoice to a customer (other than by printing and mailing it) is to first convert the invoice worksheet to a PDF file and then email the PDF file. Now if you enter a number such as 12/26 in any of those cells, it will automatically reformat it to the short date version. A professional invoice is important for business inventory. It allows finance manager to identify which goods were sold at a period of time and how much money was involved in it.

How to create an invoice in Excel

The invoice describes the terms of a deal and can sometimes be used to expedite the customs and shipping processes. Now that you know how to make an invoice in Excel, your billing process is streamlined. You have accurate, helpful payment documents that serve both you and your clients. Now, let’s learn how to export that invoice as a PDF.

how to create a sales invoice in excel

The first thing we’re going to want to do is to get rid of the gridlines, giving us a clean excel sheet to work in. To do so, head over to the “View” tab and uncheck “Gridlines” in the “Show” section. Here, select “New” and type “Invoice” into the search bar.

Related Templates

Templates usually come with premade instructions that guide you through what each section of the document needs to include. Also, the design can be easily personalized with your brand colors, logo, and preferred font. By default, rows are set to a height of 20 pixels and columns are set at a width of 64 pixels. Here’s how we recommend setting your rows and columns to have an optimized setup. Understanding how crucial a sales invoice is, you may be wondering how they work and when to send them.

Like the simple invoice template, this blank invoice offers the basics without any complicated functions. Blank invoices are commonly used by home repair businesses or other services that need to provide clients with a bill on-site. You can customize this blank invoice to include a logo what is a sales invoice or your business name. If you intend to use the invoice in the field rather than mailing it to clients, consider purchasing carbon paper to create a copy for your records. Excel invoice templates are great for business owners looking for a professional, downloadable invoicing solution.

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