Finero: "Takes your metals out of the mix"

Our goal, your deal

Finero has multiple goals. The most important goal is the recovery of metals from waste that remains after shredders, incinerators and other waste processors. For example, the remaining waste after the incineration process, bottom ash. The ashes that remain are called bottom ashes which contain a metal mix, the so called non-ferrous mix. Even though the mix contains a value, it cannot be recovered in this form. This is the point where the Finero process comes to action!

The Finero machinery is focused on the separation of metals and the preparation of the melting process. Metals of the finest fraction can be separated to mono-products. The Finero process makes that we can recover the highest revenue for you of your metals.

A second goal of Finero is being part of the answer of the growing questioning for recycling and circularity in our world. With these thoughts in mind, we designed machinery and a process that has a direct contribution. For you and for the environment.

Green deal

Finero stands for a sustainable economy. Therefore, we work according to the specifications of the Dutch Green Deal.

The Green Deal is a treaty between waste-incinerators, waste collectors and the Dutch government. The goal is to treat contaminated material in a way it can be used as freely applicable building material.

By working this way, we do not only deliver a unique service, but we also contribute to a greener world. A concept that we highly valuate.

The Finero Process

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in treating waste by incineration. After the incineration process, ashes remain. These ashes contain valuable metals that due to the temperature deform, but don’t disappear. After the treatment of the ashes a metal mix is formed.

The Finero Process separates the heavy and light metal fraction as well as the granulate fraction. Light metal contains mostly aluminum. Heavy metal is a mix of copper, brass, zinc and others with a rest of precious metals.

By making use of the variating characteristics of the different metals, Finero makes it possible that the metals reach the best available melting ovens. This makes the chain more efficient causing less material, energy and effort to be lost.

The driving forces behind Finero

Teun Leenderts

By co-developing the Finero process and my passion for recycling and metal separation, I continuously widen my knowledge in this market. In our company I mainly focus on the separation process and the commercial side. This keeps me very close to the material and gets me in a lot of places.
+316 58 70 60 78

Leo Merks

”Developing a passion for waste is something that not many people do, but I can say I did. At Finero I am mainly focused on the financial and operational parts as well as business development. My interest goes out to sustainability and how we can contribute to it. I am mainly based at our location in Venlo.”
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