It is a data format used by several modern programming languages. JSON is used in electronic data exchange, such as transmitting data in web applications. These web pages display pre-stored information in a server and interact with the server using data formats such as JSON.

  • Hi Abernathy, thanks for including that extra technique and helpful tips!
  • BSON adds some non-JSON-native data types, like dates and binary data, without which MongoDB would have been missing some valuable support.
  • Here we introduce you 5 zip extractor apps for your iPhone/iPad, and the best thing is, you don’t need to pay for them.
  • Even though 256-bit is stronger than 128-bit, the encryption processing with 128-bit AES is much faster.

Python can use demjson.decode() function for decoding JSON. This function returns the value decoded from json to an appropriate Python type. Perl decode_json() function is used for decoding JSON in Perl. This function returns the value decoded from json to an appropriate Perl type. Json_string − It is an encoded string which must be UTF-8 encoded data. PHP json_decode() function is used for decoding JSON in PHP. This function returns the value decoded from json to appropriate PHP type.

How can I export PSD vector shape layers as SVG?

If aren’t comfortable lettering, you can also use procreate to draw pretty much anything. I recommend using one of the default sketching brushes to sketch your design first and then use the monoline brush to go over your sketched design for the final product. The Apple Pencil is pressure-sensitive meaning the harder you press down, the thicker the weight of the stroke will be. I find with cutting lots of petals I do quite a bit of moving around of the shapes between mats.

how do you make svg file

When we talk about the perfect icon, we have to mention scalability. Since people browse apps and websites on different devices, it’s important for icons to resize accordingly—without getting pixelated or blurry. If I ask you to draw a rectangle, you know exactly what to do. All SVG images are based on universal shapes, and you can “draw” them digitally by using numbers and coordinates. When building a no-code project, you’ll probably find yourself inserting icons at one point or another. I hope you picked up a few pixels of information about creating dynamic SVG Rocketdrivers elements.

JSON vs XML: similarities

It also offers support for cloud storage, ability to preview documents and media files etc. Users can use this app to transfer files from their PC or Mac to iOS device and vice versa over WiFi. Other features include Passcode support, secret file and folder option, edit file details and more. As everyone needs a compact tool to Zip, Unzip, share and encrypt their files and other media on Mac with these sort of tools. These apps let you compress your files and folders and also makes them protected in an easy way. These apps help you encrypt your apps under Zip files and also lets you Unzip them easily and effectively. If you have received a .zip or .rar file and don’t know how to access it, you have come to the right place.

First, let’s start with JPEG, which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is the name of the group which founded the JPEG file format in 1992 as they needed a way to make large images smaller, so they could be easier to share. JPEG has what’s known as “lossy” compression, which means the file quality is reduced.

And the Files app isn’t just limited to .zip files; it can also uncompress .ar, .bz2, .cpio, .rar, .tar, and .tgz file types. If you receive a .zip file over email, or if you’ve been sent one with a shared Dropbox link, you can use the ‘Import with…’ menu to send the archive to Documents. In the app, extracting an archive is a matter of tapping the file once.

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